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Beaujolias Villages Selection Particulare
From $16.20 per bottle
2016 Gamay Domaines Albert Bichot Beaujolias Villages Selection Particulare
A bright an engaging Gamay which reflects just how good well made Gamay can actually be- Nouveau move over
Fleurie La Madone 2016
From $27.50 per bottle
Only 2 left in stock
2017 Gamay Domaines Albert Bichot Fleurie La Madone 2016
A real touch of Spring in every bottle, fresh roses and strawberries how can you resist?
Moulins a Vènt 2016
From $36.50 per bottle
2015 Gamay Domaines Albert Bichot Moulins a Vènt 2016
This is all about all being sophisticated, elegant and very grown up Gamay- just simply stunning
Saint-Armour Les Champlettes 2016
From $30.50 per bottle
Out of Stock
2016 Gamay Domaines Albert Bichot Saint-Armour Les Champlettes 2016
A bit smokey, a bit provocative a bit more engaging and well structured