Where have we been?

Where have we been?

We have dusted off the cobwebs of our little piece of the world of on line wine, given her a new coat of paint, a long overdue overhaul and we are back.

So many of our clients have been asking where can we buy your wines so we thought that it was about time we got our act together and got our little  shop updated and back into gear.

Welcome back to Decante This 2017 we are back bigger stronger and more focused than before, specializing in the sale of bio-dynamic, organic and sustainably made wines and Champagnes from some of the best up and coming young talent that France, Germany and Australia can produce.

We are excited to show our wonderful array of wines, wine makers and the amazing array of styles and varieties that we have in our cupboard and we want you to experience and enjoy what we are so passionate about.

Keep checking back for updates and additions to our ever growing portfolio of young wine makers- thanks for your patience and understanding.