About Us


For too long now, "alternative wine" choices have been neglected, as have the wines from the "wrong side of the road or valley", or wines that do not have a big brand label or reputation. These wines are often overshadowed by the more famous, local and better known wines and, as a result, we are all missing out on some really special wines.

Both wines and our tastes appear to have fallen victim to the growing phenomenon known as  "globalized tastes", which has acted like a filter. Sadly, we are missing out on tasting and experiencing some of the most authentic expressions of the world of wine: wines from small family estates, or from countries we would not consider as being quality wine producers - the list goes on.

We are pleased to announce that this is all about to change. We are here to help bring back those alternative choices and to provide to you with a truly authentic and unique drinking experience.

We have a very strong Eurocentric flavour to our wines and wine offers, as we look to bring to you the best small wine makers and wines that Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal have to offer. But this does not mean that we will be neglecting our great and innovative small Australian wine makers, as we making sure that we are doing our bit to help support and promote their great wines too.

Like the wine makers that we partner with, we are deeply passionate about the wines we select and present for your drinking enjoyment. Like them, we take great care in hand-picking the wines that we have on offer.

The wine makers that we represent produce high-quality wines that are environmentally sustainable. Their operating philosophy is very simple: they do not overly interfere with or over-manage the wine growing and production process, as they would prefer to see the natural character of the wine come through rather than trying to cook or manufacturer a desired outcome.

We will never offer to you a wine that we have not personally tasted and assessed or that we have not had assessed by a range of independent sources. We are not influenced by ratings, but we do pay attention to what a broad range of sources are seeing and saying. And of course you play a large role in this process, as your feedback is to us the most important that we can receive about our wines.

The wines we have on offer are not available through any other distributor here in Australia, as we delighted to have been given the exclusive and sole selling rights to the wines and wine makers that we represent. We pride ourselves on being able  to bring to you a consistently stunning range of  high-quality and fair-value wines. (Yes that's right: great-quality European wines do not have to be expensive!) 

Here at Decante This we are deeply passionate and committed to our wines and to our customers. Why? Well, we heard from our friends how frustrated, overwhelmed and intimidated they felt as they entered a liquor store to make a purchase - in many cases not knowing if what they were buying was in fact a good-quality wine at a good price. And so we believed that something had to change.

You know what you like, you know what you enjoy, and believe it or not, you are in fact an expert. Not everyone (happily) is going to enjoy the same style, brands and types of wines. We simply want to provide you with some alternatives to the mainstream, something special and unique. This includes access to some of Europe's leading female wine makers, some of the great new low alcohol wines that are being produced, through to Grand Cru champagnes and wines, all of which will challenge both your thinking and your tastebuds.

Happy and responsible drinking! Thank you for joining us on our journey and supporting our business. We greatly appreciate your support, and look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to let us know what you think about our wines: like our wine makers, we have "thick skins", and your feedback is very important to us and what we offer to you.

Ciao & Zum Wohl


Leigh W Dryden

Chief Wine Officer