A little about Decante This

Deacnte This is the result of over 20 years of thinking, planning and wishing.

I was told many years ago about following your dreams and seeing where they lead you to and that is what I am doing.

After living outside of Australia for such a long time over the past few years and having the opportunity to live in Singapore, the USA and Europe I have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to some amazing things none less than wines I would never have thought of drinking little alone trying to distribute.

My eyes have been opened, this is not to say that I did not appreciate a great French Bordeaux, or a stunning German Riesling or and great American Pinots. It has for many of us been the case that we get really comfortable with what we like to drink and quiet frankly that is the very essence of enjoying wine as you need to drink what you like and everyone’s styles and tastes are so different.

I have come back home and observed a number of things, competition is being crushed by the large liquor distributors, drinkers are becoming intimidated and over whelmed when they walk into a store to buy wine and finally wine has become commoditized and it being driven by price at this is occurring at the cheap and expense ends of the market.

I sense and share my friends frustration and they will often say to me ” I know nothing about wine” , well the they actually do and secondly many of the folk that work in a vast majority ( not all) large liquor stores know little if anything about the wines they are selling so asking them for advice is pure folly.

My role is to help you, to give you the trust and confidence for you to make the right wine choices, to educate and inform you and to share with you my passion and knowledge in the hope that I can make a small difference to your drinking experiences.

Let me know what topics you would like to have canvassed and covered as I am no expert but I do love my wine and I love even more the opportunity to share a great bottle, some great food and a great story.