Rhone Producers remain calm

Rhone Producers remain calm

The experts have called the current harvest and forth coming vintage in France  a " basket case" but we know that there is a difference between what an expert thinks and what actually happens- as yes sometimes even experts get it wrong. 

Inter-Rhône ( the leading wine agency for the Rhone region) is predicting the 2012 harvest to reach 1.5 million hectolitres for the Côtes du Rhône regional appellations and 3m hl for the Rhône Valley. The generic body representing 5,000 vine-growing and winemaking operators in the Rhône valley expects harvesting to start on September 10 in the southern Rhône and from September 17 in the northerly regions. A decrease of 9% for Appellation wines is predicted, according to the French Ministry of Agriculture’s Statistics and Forecasting Service, that is in line with overall national trends inFrance.

Inter-Rhône chairman Christian Paly said: “The Rhône Valley is not so badly affected by the potential downward trend in overall yield predicted nationally. We have enjoyed excellent weather conditions, and the Rhône Valley’s wine professionals remain calm and unruffled”.

We just love the attitude of the French wine makers as they are capable of doing so much time and time again.


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