Harvest in Baden Germany in full swing

Harvest in Baden Germany in full swing

The German wine harvest is in full swing, reports so far indicate that this year we can expect a wide range of results in both the available tonnage and quality of the grape. The difficult summer has been punctuated by extremes this year with long periods of wet, followed by thunderstorms, heat and winds all of these add up to create a challenging season for many German wine makers in the Baden region but there is great hope for the vintage ahead.

According to the Wine Institute of Germany late summer conditions have helped greatly ,thanks to picturesque late summer sun, Germany’s winemakers are confident of a good (Riesling) grape harvest. The up to date development of vines and grapes deliver preconditions for good qualities regarding the vintage 2012. Moderate temperatures with sunny weather in September promote the aroma density of German wines.

The development of vines lies ahead of the long term average. Notably pleasing for Germany's wine makers: The current health state of individual grapes guarantee preconditions for aromatic and fruity wines of all quality levels. moderate temperatures during 2012 with warm days and cool nights enabled a consistent ripening of grapes.

The main harvest started with the grape variety "Müller-Thurgau" (Rivaner). Worldwide renowned Riesling grapes wont be harvested before late September 2012.

According to actual estimates the nationwide vintage 2012 will deliver about 9 Million hectoliters of wine, this volume corresponds with last year’s vintage and lies slightly below the long term average.

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